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hey guys i just bought a used board and i wanna show it off so heres sum pics...enjoy and COMMENT

its 6''3 made in sana cruz california, senor lopez surfboards, made for make in 1995. bought at windflight surf shop in siesta key florida.

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hey i remember you! i bought my board in windflight too. but not the one on the key. sweet board.
yeahh i remember u 2 we still should get together and surf!
niiice! how much didcha pay for it? i need a new board... i just broke my fave one :( *sniff*
$195 including the leash
that aint too bad :D not bad at all... i saw this real nice board that was lil over $500... i dont hav that kinda money so i think i need to forget it... :(
no not at all :-) well if u rly want it try going to the shop and presenting them with cash in like 450 or sumthin then they dont have to pay the precentage of the crdit card..ya never know its worht a try ;-)
sounds cool :) thanks for the hint :)
hahah its cute reminds me of my first board i hope theirs big waves where you surf or your gunna have a fun time catching waves.man i wish boards were sold here for that cheap up here you would pay at least 300- 400 in most surf shops. new boards are like 700- 800 it blows