tawkent (tawkent) wrote in surfing_usa,

Please help with advice

I need help with your insights. Here is a situation.
A while ago a surfer contacted my mother’s company to buy her product. My mother owns/operates a small business selling clear self-adhesive plastic film. The film is called GlassPatch and is intended for windows repair. When a window glass is cracked, the film it glued on the broken glass from one or two sides, covering the whole window. The film is similar to strong clear packaging tapes but sold in big and wide rolls. The surfer guy claimed that he somehow got her film from someone and supposedly it was the best thing that he ever found for fixing or improving (I’m not sure) surfboards. Can anyone guess what he would use it for? Are surfboards covered with some kind of plastic film to protect them? Again, the film in a roll is big enough to cover the whole board. The adhesive is as strong as, probably, duct tape, but does not adhere with full strength immediately and allows to reposition the film.
Appreciate any help I can get. Please e-mail me to spamanet-ng - at - yahoo.com (remove the dashes and spaces)
P.S. I’m not trying to sell the film to you - I just need information. Thanks again.
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